I’m a New York City native with a small family and a pack of dogs. My five year old son finally potty trained and no longer poops on our bedroom floor. My wife crunches numbers for a giant technology company, I man the servers and network for a technology startup. We wrangle furniture on the side, we work on our house on the cheap, and most of the time it feels like we barely get enough rest.

I’m what my wife calls “very handy”, I’ve built cars and kitchens and can strip and refinish a credenza in three seconds flat. Allergic to most things with fur, I’ve been around reptiles large and small since I was little.

Though I do nothing musically now except listen, I have a long history of involvement with jungle music, and was one of the first guys in the country MCing that form of music. That took me to various odd and sordid places, all of which I seem to have survived.

I started my first website in 1994, and have been writing online in blog format since Noah Grey released the GreyMatter engine in 1998. I’m not a designer, but I code by hand and love minimal site design.

I write and take photographs out of some Universal obligation to try to balance the world’s skewed ratio of consumption to creation.